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Global total situation Of .science domain name registration

 Global  total situation Of .science domain name registration

As at 17 o'clock on March 16, 2016, total global domain name registrations reached 345,446 .science months. Among them, the foreign domain name providers Alpnames Limited accounted for 81.94% of the total, a total of 283,046 domain names .science, far ahead in many domestic and foreign suppliers in the domain name. In addition, the Chinese domain name providers Internet era with 4,832 points .science total domain name registrations among the top three, ranked third with a share of 1.40%. Next, look at IDC Review of Network finishing detailed data analysis.
As to be seen at 17:00 on March 16, 2016, the total amount of global domain name registration domain name provider .science top ten rankings, foreign suppliers Alpnames Limited thriving domain name, the domain name .science total up to 283,046 points, accounting for 81.94% of market share , easily won.
PDR Ltd. d / b / a ranks among Asia, .science a total of 39,535 domain names, a market share of 11.44 percent. Followed by the era of the Internet from China, with its total of 4,832 points .science domain names ranked 3rd with a market share of only 1.40%.
Also 7 domain's market share was less than 1%. Among them, there are three Chinese domain name providers, respectively, the first six satisfied Network Technology, Western Digital Article 7, Article 10 Ming Ali cloud (million net), the total amount of the three .science domain were 2,247 points, 1,996 points, 824 a.
Overall, the above-mentioned ten domain domain name registration provider .science uneven development, particularly prominent overlord Alpnames Limited, a dominant.
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