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Domain Investment basics of how to make rice table?

 Domain Investment basics of how to make rice table?

Prior did not make rice table, so that was often encountered when selling rice, "what kind of domain name"? And other such problems; so he took to prepare Recent domain sales tidied simply made a rice table, ask him when direct training and preparation. Do not see it does not matter, take a close look at rice table is varied.
I have divided into the following four categories:
1, the trading platform provided
2, independent of the type of site
3, the type of static pages
4, free blog type
Advantages and disadvantages, the following have introductions, we can refer to;
First, the type of trading platform
Such divided into two kinds of
1, pure type of store, such as the name of the store is easy;
2, and store the same, but you can select a template theme rice table;
For example, the name of love rice table, and shops almost but more selective template.
Commonly used method of making some rice table -1
Of course there are rice table such networks, as well as many platforms provide this service.
But the official level 2 or n-level domains which are used relatively long; then we need to do a domain name of their choice-meter jump to the table of two domain names, and other publicity to promote their own independent domain name can be.
Advantages: cost-saving, no technical content;
Cons: internet become less independent, more transparent prices, such as easy to name a price of 1000, the terminal saw no way to rise in price, it hurts ~.
Second, independent of the type of site
This is also divided into two kinds, mainly classified program:
1, a special program, such as rice table: NameCMS;
This is really good, a sizeable operation, we recommend, you can search to see many such meters Table sites;
2, type blog program such as: wordpress;
This is also the choice of many chiefs, the program is not limited to wordpress, what program can be used to develop a theme on it; the Lord is very beautiful, such as Treasure Island.
You can publish pictures and articles, do keyword; details determine prices.
Commonly used method of making some rice table -2
But these are separate independent domain name space, it requires technical and spend a certain amount of money;
Pros: beautiful, free DIY theme;
Disadvantages: part of the investment, such as space charges, relating to production costs; also requires a certain technical needs will use these programs.
Third, the type of static pages
This relatively simple, such as less than 1 hour and that they used to built;
Many meters are the main use of this, more convenient, and to be free to make art according to their preferences;
Such as gold or trick yumingziyuan page WRui own page.
Commonly used method of making some rice table -3
Advantages: HTML can be point, what background are also casual, like what to do what!
Disadvantages: the host, but also will point html.
Fourth, the type of free blog
This finding is relatively small, but it may well be a way;
Mainly free blog and forum your space, send a map to show it:
Some common table rice production methods -4
Many users of this forum have the space, the figure shows the state space is a domain forum users;
The free blog space can also publish the article pictures, you can also do keyword optimization, then an independent domain 301 to the home page just fine.
Pros: Free, easy to be free to change the background color;
Disadvantages: freedom is not strong enough.
Note: all figures in the domain name is ignored, eat not graffiti.
There is also a piece called a domain, provide the domain name business card display also can be made into rice table, and what domain names can apply to display, can be considered as an alternative display page now!
The choice we have to see what kind of preferences.
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