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About Some knowledge domain status

 About Some knowledge domain status:

1, such as domain name maturity of March 1, 2003;
2, from March 2, 2003 began, the domain name will be automatically deleted ns, the domain name can not be resolved, but I will continue to keep the domain name for 30 days, users can be renewed within the 30-day period;
3, if there is no renewal within the 30-day period 2, from March 31, 2003 began, the domain name will become RedemptionPeriod state, which will be kept for 30 days, during which the domain name will not fall, but in addition to all the restore command command is invalid for this domain;
4, the domain name in RedemptionPeriod state can restore back, but every time restore required to pay;
5, if the domain name 30 days RedemptionPeriod state does not restore, from the beginning of the domain name into PendingDelete 2003.04.29 status (five days), May 4, 2003 the domain name will be deleted.
VeriSign in January 2003 added three fields in its Registry Whois (.COM and .NET) are:
Status, Creation Date, Expiration Date
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