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In those years caught up with "blue engine domain"

 In those years caught up with "blue engine domain"

Perhaps we have seen, the domain name from the media circle "Blue Engine domain" has now passed the certification, operator of the subject has been changed to: Nanning, Guangxi stupid meter Information Technology Co., Ltd. is the industry leader in data platform stupid meter net www.benmi. com. Yes, the stupid meter net acquisition Landking domain name, the domain name if you have news, please continue broke the news to Landking domain. It is said that they will continue in the domain name data field force, APP benmi version also in development and will soon be on the line, so stay tuned.
I still talk about the story and Landking domain.
In 2010, Beijing was still working, then do not play with the domain name. When thinking about doing the amateur station, selling sell products, then also got a few cosmetic agents and health care products, relying on SEO to get traffic. Domain name registration basically rely on, then registered a wave of creativity Larry, are used to do stand, entertainment, QQ like, paper type, greetings and the like, more than a dozen, and later with some stations to sell, some domain names not in 2011, 2012, are sold for a thousand to a few hundred after the traffic. Sorry, there is no register a few.
Later, the germination of the idea want to return to Wuhan to buy a house, because Beijing is too expensive, the West Third Ring Road on the edge of the lot is deserted, when housing prices would more than 3w 4w, basically not think. Bronze to Huilongguan, Changping it, but also tens of thousands. Later, looks around, took a fancy suburb of Wuhan Jiangxia, after the decision, there has been a new idea, might as well buy, the future might also be proud, Hubei net up. The owner of the domain name is Zheng Junlong, which is famous
In order to save on some of the charges and convenient bargain, I first direct transfer to his bank ATM machine, then transfer the other party did not reply QQ, phone no answer, I felt the whole person on the bad, we do encounter a liar ... Fortunately, after about half an hour, I received the chiefs of PUSH, Gangster busy on other things go.
Actually, I think moving the domain name price quite good, regarded as the conscience of the industry, the price is not low, but not outrageous. From there take the domain name, price and the price of similar, but your sincerity is large enough, he will speak to some of the good.
by chance. 200 yuan Zhang Daguan later saw people selling, immediately asked him to close down. This is regarded as the first occurrence Husband relationship, although the former king could see his presence in the water behind every day. At that time I was out and basically silent sell my dumpster data. This should be regarded 2005--2008 year thing.
In 2011, to buy more, but also thinking about selling, making money. So accidentally enter the domain name investment was only 4 digital cn 200 a, 4 digital com just over 3000, remember 190 Ocean bought boss Shen Ping a 4-digit cn, then 220 yuan to sell, feel good, and then received a dozen sold. In fact, from millet bigwigs are started. There is a saying not to say, a short step a thousand miles, no small streams into a mighty torrent. Let's play a little millet partners to continue to work with the dream or have, in case of realization of it.
In 2012, my personal domain name sales 12w, profit nearly 7w, ​​profits can be, but too few sales. The day before yesterday a small partner, said sales in the least, I think too important sales, sales of only 12w, all profits are only 12w, 12W is obviously impossible.
2013 attacks on some small hard through the domain name sales 23w.
June 4, 2013, the micro-channel public domain Landking number born, the first domain name short news, special domain name, the domain name Interview and other activities. To December 31, the agency probably did turnover 80w, look after the data themselves shocked, in fact, caught up with the outbreak of the domain name, the domain name a lot of investors in this year's results are changed.
January 2014 January to November 17, 2014, probably do intermediary transactions 245w. Although this data is not worth mentioning, compared with the Husband of 3600w it is negligible. But from another perspective, a micro-operation signals from the monthly salary earned 5,000 yuan, which is also considered a good income in a small city. 2014 is also the year of the outbreak domain, this year, sales have personal domain to around 80W. 2015 personal goal is to achieve 200w, currently finished third. Forecast the next three years will be the year of the outbreak of the high-speed domain, grasp the opportunity it gives us the times, Sao years!
Closer to home.
November 17, 2014 to suspend the domain name Landking update, in fact, very reluctant, but no way. Of which there are three reasons.
First: operation encountered a bottleneck, it is difficult to break.
Domain first broke the news hard to do, domain name speculation is rife news, real to the enemy. Domain name escrow is difficult, we put a lot of effort, often brings may be futile. Buyers think Jianlou sellers think one meter hair. In fact, this is not wrong, are only human. Do mediation and domain name from the media friends should be fully understood.
Second: the energy to keep up.
After the daughter was born, because of poor physical condition of my mother, my wife and I have always been myself in the band, and now also immediately daughter was born, no more energy to do.
Third: Can not find the right partner.
During talked with many of my friends, but to no avail.
So it decided to pause for some time.
Later communicate with several times, we talk very speculative, followed by the beginning of this article with things.
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