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Value Investing VS price speculation

 Value Investing VS price speculation

Value Investing: The application is king! Subject to the terminal market, focusing on the domain name suffix, product phase, meaning the like, the long-term value investing. Need to have a good understanding of the Internet, loneliness, wait for the terminal, and ultimately make money!
Price speculation: hot is king! In making roasted subject, focusing on price depression, hot, traders and other short middle band speculation. The need for making operating trends knows withstand toss, skillfully playing the spread, and ultimately make money!
Now the domain name trading market, the camp has been divided, the trend is inevitable, but we play different, go rather fellow incompatibility, conflict disputes continue.
Value Investing faction: see capital flows roasted speculative market will inevitably worry about their value in the hands of the domain name unsalable, but also afraid of new people deceived, kindness compassion for nature and healthy development of the industry, and posting warning risk, boycott flicker.
Price speculation faction: no hands boutique value of domain names, the value sent by squeezing some stuck to catch new suffix open admission plus the dealer, with the flow, make money fast expansion is inevitable pride, posting no regard for others Forum feelings.
Capital is inherently profit-driven capital market has never winning or losing the game, the participants out of their pocket speed connection. You can enjoy the joy of profit, but also to bear the pain of losing money.
But we can not doubt the objective reality:
Value investing school of Larry / three fight COM, CN continue to be acquired to enable the terminal, this is a fact, if you subscribe to the inconvenience of daily Internet news section, at least take a look at ENAME trading news, 4321 Transactions.
Price speculation sent initials pulled short-term profit figures for other suffixes, also an objective fact that you can also control stare reservation, bid a price of trading market. Do not send your eyes closed posting said speculative hype flicker.
To be honest: some time ago to see the forum have wars are particularly marked red hair post credits, see note influence experience, compare heart irritability, saw speculative short send money, my heart will inevitably feel unbalanced.
But these days, I thought and thought over and over again, figured out:
According to my own analysis of the actual situation, I have a shop Industrial busy, really do not how much time and effort is spent on the domain name, plus the security of the financial / cash flow requirements, the price is not for speculative short-term band operation.
So I've been doing value (three-mile COM) in long-term investment, to search for large amounts of data, control category positions, stick to practical business, profitability has steadily increased each year, I am very contented, very happy!
Cat suggest that you:
1, according to their actual situation, to choose their own investment model!
2, seeking common ground, mutual respect and adhere to the bottom line, make money together!
2, understand the value of sending speculative frenzy School: To post reasoned sake of discussion, do not deny others mode, not maliciously suppressed!
3, respect for the values ​​to send to send speculative goodwill: posting order to comply with forum pages, do not affect others View stickers, not to verbal abuse, ridicule!
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