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Gifts of roses, hand a fragrance, but also friendship circle domain

 Gifts of roses, hand a fragrance, but also friendship circle domain

Gifts of roses, hand a fragrance; domain name away, fragrance is also stored. Yesterday, Dai Yue represents the domain name you want to give free 58 home, the industry's Something about. But in fact the domain name circles, domain name investors will spend money to acquire the domain name donated to the affairs of others, though not often, but it also adds up to a lot. Now we have to talk about these domains Dafang Song interesting bar.
Xiamen quasi richest "wayward" free domain name
Speaking in the first person in the domain name industry Dafang Song of the domain name, we Xiamen quasi Gangster Cai Wensheng said second richest man, no one dared call first. His Holiness would have had an early, etc. Need free domain name to someone else ho. The former had been transferred to the 15 million sold at a price, which is now the Kai-fu Lee Innovation Works official domain name, the value is self-evident.
In addition to these Gangster Cai had been waved on someone else's domain name, but also sold the big brother to send a lot of domain names, and these domain names into now, all of them are the best, each one bright enough to blind. Cai Wensheng said "Some do not sell domain names, now wealthy," and to say small series, some domain names to send me, I can serve as CEO, marry white Formica and embarked on a life pinnacle!
Feelings first domain name on the list
Gangster ho have donated before the domain name, natural, many imitators, for a variety of reasons sent his hand domain, without considering the market value of domain names. For example, the domain name Gangster Xiamen scholar Zhuangliang Ji, had its hands in the last year the market value of six figures "Asian fusion" gave former partners Jinan Asian financial company founder Lee forward.
It is said, the domain it has been willing to pay the high price of 1.2 million yuan, but still refused scholar, insisted that the domain name given away for free, because the other side is his respect for the man, his partner. Love Me, Love My Money really is, just get the domain name.
Reportedly, the site invites you to navigate two digital domain: friends also presented.
In addition to promising friendship send the domain name, there are a lot of love for the idol to send the domain name. Last year, the owners have to buy a domain name gave his wife as a gift. There is also a big fan of the early years of the domain name to the goddess Reis, as a wedding gift for. Gu Bo promising throwing daughter's beautiful smile, beautiful smile send this promising domain.
In addition, there is a support of friends Netease pig Ding Lei, Netease will be donated to the domain, there are many similar examples.
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