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What are the risks for Domain Investment?

 What are the risks for Domain Investment?

"Investment risk, investors must be careful", this sentence on any one area of ​​investment, are justified, and no investment in the field of a hundred profit no loss, do not understand the risks, there must be a loss for you.
So, domain name investment What are the main risks? According to the author facile awareness and understanding are some common domain name investment risk.
Manually register a domain name
Domain birth until now has been as much as 30 years, the domain of investment in the country also has 16 years of development, in fact, already been good domain name registered by a space, but why there will always be handmade rice sold for five or even six-digit It reports it? In fact, the reason is very simple, because of the times in the course of development, always kept to produce some new word or combination of words, these new domain names corresponding to words, if the first register, its value naturally high.
Perhaps many just join the rice farmers is to see similar reports, since that also have this ability, but also on their own newly registered domain name "narcissism" very high degree that must sell at least 5-digits, but unfortunately the result is, these people newly registered domain names 99% of tuition.
So why is there this situation?
In just the stock market, perhaps just know a lot of new domain names to make money reported, but for lack of experience on how to assess the value of the domain, not in-depth understanding of what the domain name can be regarded as a good domain name, the domain name may see Larry selling price is very high, and that they to register phonetic shorthand is considered to be a baby, not knowing that the domain name is the most crippled;
Internet news and information every day are flooding, many couples feel, why others can register the domain name to the good, I have a head, brain Why the hell not? So to see the contents of a news began to register the domain name, and whimsical can fetch a good price. In fact, most of these new terminals are also very much aware of exactly like what kind of domain name, the domain name does not know how to apply the law of the market, considered to be a new word can register a domain name, only to finally throw away as tuition.
Subject to certain categories of speculation hard currency impact, taken for granted are not yet registered to fry up the domain name category, but many people can not wait, "Wind", the last and when tuition thrown away.
The new domain names registered a 1% success rate mean? First, with aggression; Second, the gifted, talent is extremely high. If you do not think these two aspects of ability, it would be best to "see more, learn more, ask" and then start, not the domain name investment sooner or later, when it has the opportunity. If you think they are more intelligent type, in fact, I do not recommend to register a new domain name to make money, because in this way than higher income investment strategy.
Mistakenly believed the false reports or other data
Some places will have rivers and lakes, rivers and lakes where there will be interest, there are the interests of the local people will Shuadian smart. Any investment in the field, more or less unspoken rules, there will be water or false data, domain name investment is certainly no exception.
What attracted you to enter the domain name investment field? The domain name is not always easy to see the hundreds of million of a deal? Do you really believe it?
Yesterday, I spent over 10,000 dollars a domain name auction auction quite like today to get the domain name to many chiefs assessed that the loss to buy the domain name, market value is only about 5,000 yuan. Why does this happen, do so many people involved in the auction, for example, offer 8000-9000 yuan, they do not understand what market? In fact, waiting for you once or twice, when, you know that the original domain name auction bidding everywhere "prop." you think this domain worth? This is not simple, "Mishan" is a place name, with Baidu Encyclopedia check this local circumstances can be assessed. Oh, some people in order to improve the assessment of the value of such domain names, at Baidu Encyclopedia modify data, obviously county-level city "Mishan" to prefecture-level cities, tens of thousands of population from 40 to more than 500 million, have these false data the ability to distinguish what?
Domain name market false reports, all kinds of speculation or false data, far more than that, as a good domain name investors, be sure to polish his eyes, and try not to fall into the pit inside.
Heavily loaded with high-risk category
Since nearly two years rice market booming, many rice farmers will be naive to think that, just stand outlet, pigs can fly, why not heavyweights can make money I make money? Then followed the chiefs began to heavily loaded with the number 5, 6 or even 7 Number of Number of domain names, not knowing that there is no law, there is no brand value of the domain name, with a magnifying glass can not find such a terminal used.
In addition, from January 2012 ICANN began accepting new suffixes to apply to the 2013 official opening of the new domain suffix registration, generate a large number of new suffixes. The registrar of the domain name market to catch up with the best time, an occasion to crazy marketing hype, some rice farmers keep stimulating hormone, that these investment categories Blue Ocean, certainly after buying surge.
Heavily loaded with some of the above high-risk category domain rice farmers, not to say that there is no profit may be, the key question is whether and bookmakers, as can the grasp first-hand information, and a good grasp of the dealer Kongpan rhythm, or you only have a "disk access Man "life. In fact, the vast majority of rice farmers will feel that they are "smart", you'll find enough information at their disposal, which also created the vast majority of rice farmers are "then set Man", the vast majority are losing money .
How to avoid to become such a "disk access Man"? Actually very simple, is to try to be less affected by these high-risk categories of stimuli, Domain Name investment opportunities are still many, do not put all your eggs in one basket to put it, for a variety of investment optimization portfolio, diversify investment risks.
Wind, and pigs can fly. But the pig itself does not have the power to fly, you need to guard against the risk of the wind was gone, the wind was gone, the higher the position of the pig, pig will be killed, the more miserable!
Clear grasp of the market
Many rice farmers just to enter the market, perhaps because the domain name to see the ring constantly have high turnover case and decided to try here next. Because domain names are non-standard products, different suffixes, different goods with the price difference. Meanwhile, the price of the domain name market because of marketing or the need for confidentiality, many news media coverage of the case of water is also a great deal. So, placed in front of the new rice farming biggest problem is how to accurately estimate a domain name?
The problem is not to go menopause, or it is nothing more than six words: "see more, learn more, ask." The availability of funds, risk control case, and more to try to buy, while maintaining a good attitude, to buy a loss should not be too anxious, did not pay tuition fees can not be considered successful rice farming rice farmers.
The above said is more rational investors, the investment market there will always be a but there is a lot of irrational investors, who hormonal stimulation threshold is too low, too little seen the opportunity to make a fortune, the mind is always very easy to heat, so a much higher price market price to buy a domain name. The most terrible is that they are to control the risk awareness is not enough, not enough patience to wait until the domain appreciation can not be at a loss sale.
Eager to cash can not be at a loss sale
Any investment behavior, needs and capabilities, but there is always a very aggressive person, by domain name prices continue to stimulate, to buy the domain name is addictive, and even take their entire net worth to buy the domain name. Many domain name purchase price and the market is actually almost put off appreciation of space is certainly still there. But sometimes the taste of money is very hard to accept, so a lot of this story: do not sell rice, next month, the landlord was driven away; do not sell rice, doll next week did not have to drink milk a; do not sell rice, ** repayment expires tomorrow; we do not sell rice, Labour Friends of money to buy a birthday present female pots, so she might break up. . . . . .
Domain name, indeed a lot of money in recent years, but no matter how much money, you need a reasonable allocation of funds on hand himself, living expenses and make investments with money separately. In addition, even ready to invest the money, it is best not all at once full of warehouses, as long as you know how to discover, domain name investment is in fact always have a chance, we should spend wisely, make more money in investment cost-effective place.
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