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Domain diary, stay away trip

 Domain diary, stay away trip

Why is a diary, do interviews?
I think, to write a diary as a domain name on the spiritual journey may well stay away. Not so many rules, not so much bargaining, each person, each domain has a different story, whether it is success or failure, are special memories.
Circle circle.
In fact, I hope in the form of diaries and stories, to expand their circle, and if you get involved, it will become your circles. Here I am happy to share their stories, I hope to see more of the story of the domain name investors. When your big circle, circles tough road to go more like.
Did you think that sometimes the city is unknown, lived on the same floor neighbor not necessarily spoken. However, the domain name can really recognize a lot of friends, we can boast of rivers and lakes in the group, looking at a variety of bids, driving all kinds of jokes, but also chatting snacks. A variety of domain name when the party Funny, warm atmosphere unprecedented, HIGH turned the audience, absolutely no less reunions. It was a strange circle.
2013, gold Network, Hangzhou Qiandao Lake, party. It should be regarded as a circle.
In 2014, the captain launched domain names circle Beijing, be circles.
By 2015, Jupiter will be launched in Saipan Chinese domain name, it can be considered a circle.
In fact, the meter bigwigs, many of which are inter-m Friends digestion, which is the circle. Therefore, the proposed conditional junior partner also can be a lot to get out, not to say that this is no way this world, there is also much gone the way yet.
But there are a lot of circles, circles are mostly good, but not easy to melt into. There are a lot of factors, such as there are like me when Daddy get away, but also shy, but also low-key, there is too much trouble and so on.
I hope that my diary domain, can also form a circle.
Way way.
Everyone has to play their rice experience, I used to call play-meter road.
Yesterday saw nearly one million meters of Friends February acquisition of, called a masterpiece. You see him in recent months to acquire the domain name: beans, YYYY.COM, NNNN.COM, 392.COM, XKW.COM, 4222.COM, FFF.NET ... m not much, but they are. boutique. I think he is this road right.
This morning saw boss Chao made circle of friends, friends of Amauri Hubei rice bought from him packing dozens of co 3 digital domain, the transaction price is unknown. These 3 digital clock including,, etc., which considered the best of the three. Short domain name suffix in the mainstream digital distant time, play non-mainstream ways it can be considered a suffix. Vaguely remember 2011, when the Friends of Zhengzhou meters landscaped with 5w + price will sell the domain name owner gold ulterior Luo.
I think his past look down CC domain, and later found that he was wrong. I gains in 2015 cc suffix to the 6-digit profits. Remember when Godzilla Wenzhou meters Friends advised me to register up to three initials cc, I disagree, and later he registered more than 100, is now worth jumped. There is a meter at the Millennium and friends last year, received by mad mad registered and currently holds more than 20,003 letters cc, more than 20,004 digital cc, Zhennai cattle people.
I have a fellow, specialized news, staring at the large enterprise specialized trends, then three-mile targeted registered the domain name and four-fight, now, it seems appreciable gains. Recently a three fight very popular word, has received an offer 30w, want him to succeed!
I think of a sentence, whether it is black or white, captivated mice is a good cat.
We often say that the first year of the domain name, do not know if in 2015 the first year. Because this year, they have more and more money into the big brother and, gathering force grid higher and higher, more and more domain auction, prices are getting higher and higher, renamed the platform ID number has exceeded a million new ID bid a boss than a fierce, more and more new platform was born, Guangdong Gangster daniel spend more than 300 million to buy, relying on 50 million investment "domain Collection" reached the domain oncoming rivers and lakes agitated.
Anyway, I hope you witness with me, all the way forward.
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