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Terms commonly used in the domain name industry

 Terms commonly used in the domain name industry

The following terms are in alphabetical order, according to the landlord thinking decision.
Mishi: refers to the domain name market.
Play meters: the domain name refers to play.
M Table: refers to rice farmers show a micro-site domain name.
Cooking rice: means a registered domain name.
Batch: generally refers to a certain type of business or a domain name is a bulk registration.
The meter: refers to the domain names have been sold.
Jiancang: generally refers to a large number of low price category or categories of domain names.
Seal warehouse: generally refers not easy to buy a domain name.
PUSH: refers to the price of a domain name with a push under another person's account.
TYPO meters: generally refers to one and other similar special website domain domain name.
Into the rice: A purchase or register a domain name.
To be second: Usually refers to the result of a price linked to the sale of the domain name was bought by someone else.
Tuition meters: generally refers to sell the domain name.
Yiyuan Pai: refers to the domain name from one yuan starting start.
Gangster: Usually refers to the domain names play a lot of money and spend millions to buy the domain name Minon.
Terminal: refers to the final use and not for sale to purchase the domain name of the person or business or other units.
Fifth: is 1-3 million price, Five is 4-6 million and 7-9 Big Five million, or what other small four, sixth, and so on.
Fried rice: means the domain name speculation.
Reservations: refers to an internet domain name registration is about to be predetermined by the Board expired deleted domain.
Cybersquatting: refers to the first time domain name registration due to expire and be deleted registration of the domain name.
Suit: Usually refers to the result of the impact of a newspaper or a gangster rather than through registration or purchase a domain Thinking blind.
Larry: refers to the two-word Pinyin.
Three-mile: refers to three words Pinyin. Other so on.
Number three: refers to three pure digital domain. Other so on.
Three characters: the letter refers to the number of three-digit combination of the domain name. Other so on.
2 letter: refers to two letters of the English domain names. Other so on.
2 Initials: refers to the removal of A, E, U, I, O, V, all the remaining letters.
Chinese rice (Chinese like to call the landlord to fish): refers to the Chinese domain names containing the prefix or suffix.
English meter: generally refers to the domain name prefix is ​​in English.
Creative meters: generally refers to no precise criteria to summarize some of the domain name.
Firm m: refers to the font vendor or enterprise domain name as a prefix.
Area meter: refers to the provincial, city, county or town name for the domain name prefix.
M code: refers to the telephone area code prefix domain.
Zip meter: refers to the zip code prefix domain.
Long Tail: Usually refers specifically suffix,, also a long tail.
Parking: refers to the domain name resolves to a page advertising, relying on a user clicks on the ad and revenue.
Disk access: Rise of the domain name refers to the large number of people who received.
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